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Green zone details

  • 4/21 postscript:The period has been extended until May 31st.

    3/30 postscript:The period will be extended until April 28, and the prefectures that can be used will be expanded after April 1.

    3/12 postscript:After the reception resumes on March 14, the discount is only for Yamanashi residents.

    The application to neighboring prefectures is to be considered in consideration of the infection situation in neighboring prefectures.

    We will post the information again when a follow-up report is available.

    3/4 postscript:The discount application period has been extended to March 31st, and the suspension period has been extended to March 13th.

    3/1 postscript:The suspension of new reception has been postponed until March 6th.

    Reception will resume after March 7th.

    2/18 postscript:The prefecture has notified us that the suspension period will be postponed until February 27th.

    Please understand that the reception will be resumed after February 28th.

    2/9 postscript:Since February 21st, we received a notice from the prefecture to resume reception.

    If you wish to use it, please contact us after February 21st.
  • What is Yamanashi Green Zone Accommodation Discount?

    The handling of this project will be changed as follows.
    ■Business period
    (Before change) From Monday, March 14, 4th year of Reiwa to Tuesday, May 31st, 4th year of Reiwa
    (After change) From Monday, March 14, 4th year of Reiwa to Thursday, July 14th, 4th year of Reiwa
    *Reservations after staying on Friday, July 1, 4th year of Reiwa can be made from Tuesday, June 21st, 4th year of Reiwa.
    (Online travel agency accommodation discount coupons will be issued as soon as they are ready)
    *The period of use of regional coupons will be extended until Friday, July 15, 4th year of Reiwa.

    ■Expansion of support scope
     Support target prefectures:Yamanashi Prefecture,Ibaraki Prefecture,Tochigi Prefecture,Gunma Prefecture,Saitama,Chiba prefecture,Kanagawa Prefecture,Nagano Prefecture,Shizuoka Prefecture

    ■Change of terms of use for accommodation discount
    (Before change) Vaccine has been inoculated twice or negative proof such as PCR test result is a condition
    (After Friday, April 1, 4th year of Reiwa) The condition is that the vaccine has been inoculated three times or the result of PCR test / antigen test is negative.
    However, Yamanashi citizens can still travel within the prefecture with two vaccinations or a negative proof of PCR / antigen test results.

    ☆The discount amount is 5,000 yen discount if the accommodation fee is 10,000 yen or more.
    2,500 yen discount for 5,000 yen or more and less than 10,000 yen.
    (In the case of a free child plan, it will be applied for the number of adults who will be charged.)
  • Regional coupon

    ☆2,000 yen (1,000 yen x 2) that can be used in Yamanashi prefecture per person who applies the discount
    We will give you a regional coupon at check-in.

    ☆The coupon is valid until July 15, 2022.

    ☆There is no change, so please be careful about the amount when using it.

    ☆You can use it for shopping at the shop and for drinks when you eat.

    ☆Please check the link below for other available stores.