【Official】Ashiwada Hotel

Ashiwada Hotel aims to be an inn that says "Welcome home" with a homely hospitality

Mountains behind.At the white Western-style mansion located in front of Lake Kawaguchi and in harmony with nature

Mountain scent.The sound of rivers and lakes.You can spend your private time feeling the chirping of birds

The bliss of time when you can forget the crowds of the city

Ashiwada Hotel, we offer Ashiwada Hotel accommodation plan and hospitality that suit your purpose.

We are keeping in mind the service.

✿ With safety and security as our top priority, our customers will enjoy it✿

  • Our Declaration of Peace of Mind in the New Coronavirus

    We have thoroughly enforced the conditions for participation in participating in the GoTo travel business and have resumed business.

    【Response at the hotel】

    ・At check-in, we will take measures to prevent infection, such as preventing face-to-face contact (installation of partitions), and then measure the temperature and verify the identity of all guests.
    ・If the guest has a fever or has a cold, we will consult with the health center and take appropriate measures, including on weekends.
    ・The breakfast buffet will be canceled and meals will be served at seats with a secure social distance.
    ・We thoroughly disinfect and ventilate common spaces such as guest rooms and elevators.

  • For group travelers

    At this facility, from the perspective of preventing new coronavirus infection
    Group trips for young people, group trips for the elderly who are prone to severe illness, and trips with large banquets
    As with school excursions and educational trips, we will make sure that this facility is well informed on the premise that steady infection prevention measures will be taken.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • Yamanashi Green Zone certified inn

    In July 2020, it was certified as the "Yamanashi Green Zone", which is unique to Yamanashi Prefecture.
    To gain the peace of mind and trust of users with the theme of "providing peace of mind and trust throughout Yamanashi"
    It is a "certification system".
    Click the image to see the details.

How to enjoy the Ashuwada Ashiwada Hotel to the fullest ✿ Recommended ✿

  • Please make the best memories.✿ Advice from hotel staff ✿

    Travel is an important event for everyone.
    There are various accommodations such as families, couples, one person, groups.

    It will be remembered as a "memorable inn" for all of you! I want to go again!
    We are working hard every day to provide the services we think.

    Our motto is ✿Travel is to entertain ✿ from choosing accommodation to returning to your home
    We are hoping that our customers will have an important time.

    I want to enjoy the best! We will give you the best advice for such people.
    Recommended dining places, sightseeing places, how to spend at the hotel, etc.

    Please contact us if you need a brochure or a tourist information map ✿

~About GoTo Travel~

Hotel Facilities

  • ~Lobby~

    A gorgeous chandelier, BGM flowing softly
    There is an atmosphere reminiscent of a chalky Western-style mansion
    I'm going home somewhere and I'm going to hear "Welcome back"
    It is a homely space.
  • ~Front desk~

    Not to mention check-in and check-out procedures
    Every day, I will try not to say "I can't do".
    Tourist information and restaurant information around Lake Kawaguchi
    Please leave it to the staff living locally.
    We will do our best to guide you.
    In addition, since it is available 24 hours a day, we are ready to deal with any problems you may have during the night.
  • ~Lounge~

    Take a break while gazing at Lake Kawaguchi before going to your room...
    Coffee or tea for guests who check in by 16:30
    We provide welcome drink service.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Ashiwada Hotel


395 Nagahama, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture

Telephone number



Chuo Expressway to Lake Kawaguchi.Katsuyama, follow the lakeside road toward Oishi along the lakeside.

Transfer available(conditions)
Ashiwada Hotel (the nearest station), there is a shuttle bus from Kawaguchiko Station to the hotel.
Kawaguchiko Station is one per hour from Kawaguchiko Station hotel (PM15: 00/16: 00/17: 00).
*Reservation required(Please contact us before arrival)
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Reservations and Inquiries

Please contact us if you have any questions.