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~Enjoy different seasonal flavors for each season~

We make use of various local ingredients for each season to enjoy original cuisine.
Enjoy a variety of dishes, including additional dishes and restaurant dishes.
Please feel free to contact us.

Introduction of dishes

Starting a multi- course kaiseki course you can relax and eat at a restaurant with a night view
Produce an enjoyable evening in a banquet hall that can be freely laid out according to the number of people and purpose.

An all-you-can-eat meat course that is very popular with families.
"Koshu Beef Steak that you can enjoy by grilling with Fuji lava, which is particular about local production for local consumption"
An "anniversary plan" that you can enjoy for three generations when you enter or graduate.
We will provide accommodation that suits your purpose.
  • ~A kaiseki course 12 dishes served by the chief chef~

    At this facility, you can enjoy kaiseki cuisine that suits a variety of seasons from spring to summer.
    Of the 12 items, you can enjoy vegetables and meat from Yamanashi, and enjoy seafood from neighboring Shizuoka prefecture.
    The chefs are working every day so that they can purchase fresh products on the day.In addition, we try our best to serve our customers with warm food warm and cold food cold.

  • ~"Koshu Beef" kaiseki course that eats local meat~

    Among the Japanese black fattening cattle raised carefully, the quality (meat quality) rank is
    Only cattle graded 4.5 are used as "Koshu Beef".
    It is characterized by its soft flesh quality, bright flesh color, and rich flavor.
    At this facility, the meat is luxuriously grilled on a "lava plate" from Mt Fuji
    I will take it.
  • -All-you-can-eat "Shabu-shabu"course your heart and stomach

    Anyway, I want to fill my stomach!
    It is highly recommended for such customers
    In addition to all-you-can-eat, you can also enjoy half of the kaiseki course (half-kaiseki course).
    We also recommend the "Daddy/Mama plan" for families with children under elementary school age.
  • ~Information for breakfast~

    We are currently discontinuing the breakfast buffet in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.
    We are currently providing customers with a set menu using locally produced and locally consumed items.
    Enjoy a different breakfast than usual
    It is usually started from 8:00, but it is possible to change as much as possible depending on the circumstances of the departure of the customer.

Whole cake(Birthday, anniversary, 60th birthday celebrations)

*Please apply for cake reservation by 17:00 the day before your stay.
Please feel free to contact us as we can change the message and respond to surprises.
All images are "image photos".
  • Fresh cream decoration

    price:From 15 cm to ¥ 3,850
  • Anniversary message

    price:Please contact me