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For guests visiting this facility

How to get to our hotel

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Hotel Name

Ashiwada Hotel


395 Nagahama, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture

Telephone number



Chuo Expressway to Lake Kawaguchi.Katsuyama, follow the lakeside road toward Oishi along the lakeside.

Transfer available(conditions)
Ashiwada Hotel (the nearest station), there is a shuttle bus from Kawaguchiko Station to the hotel.
Kawaguchiko Station hotel (15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00).
*Reservation required(Please contact us before arrival)
  • ~Those coming by car~

    Chuo Expressway using the Chuo Expressway
    Shinjuku → 85km (1 hour 20 minutes) → Kawaguchiko IC → 3km (10 minutes) → Ashiwada Hotel

    When using the Tomei Expressway
    Nagoya → R139 (2 hours 40 minutes) → Fuji I.C → R139 (1 hour 10 minutes) → R139 Ashiwada Hotel

  • ~Those coming by train~

    Shinjuku → Chuo Main Line (56 minutes by Limited Express) → Otsuki → Fujikyuko Line (40 minutes by Limited Express Fujiyama) → Kawaguchiko Station → Private Shuttle Bus (10 minutes) → Ashiwada Hotel

    *There is also a direct train (Fuji Kaiyu) from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station.
  • ~Those using the Chuo Expressway Bus~

    Busta Shinjuku → 1 hour 45 minutes → Lake Kawaguchi → Private shuttle bus (10 minutes) → Ashiwada Hotel
  • ~Free shuttle bus information~

    This facility offers transportation by free shuttle bus for guests arriving by public transport.
    Advance reservations are required, so please contact us at the time of reservation or 30 minutes before arrival.

    Kawaguchiko Station:15:00・16:00・17:00

    *Kawaguchiko Station, please wait at the bus stop No. 10 next to the tourist information center on your right.
  • ~Parking lot information~

    Parking is available next to the hotel.
    You can use it free of charge.
    Parking is possible before and after check-in.

    *We are currently discontinuing car movement (valley service) by staff to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.